Pull Handles

  • Material:
    2-Shot SoftTouch TPE over Polypropylene
    Two Durometers: Soft (25A) and Hard (65A)
  • TPE Overmolded Finish Colors:
    Yellow (PMS 116C)
    Orange (PMS 151C)
    Blue (PMS 293C)
    Red (PMS 485C)
    Black (process black C)
    Green (PMS 347C)
    Grey (PMS 429C)
    Custom color matching is available.
  • Inserts:
    Small: 10-24, M4 and 10-32, M5
    Medium: 10-24, M4 and 10-32, M5
    Large: 1/4-20, M6 and 5/16-18, M8
GroupShot PH17 Pull Handles
Diagram 1

Insert WidthOverall HeightWidthOverall Length
Small3.7593.71.9248.80.6416.34.34110.210-24, M410-32, M5
Medium4.61117.042.1253.80.8120.575.36136.1410-24, M410-32, M5
Large6.00154.42.5665.021.0526.76.925175.91/4-20, M65/16-18, M8