Medical Device Injection Molding with Liquid Silicone Rubber

Rogan is very experienced in molding with liquid silicone rubber (LSR molding), which offers unique properties to medical device manufacturers. Liquid silicone rubber is biocompatible, hypoallergenic, and hygienic, giving bacteria and fungi little chance to grow and spread. It is also flexible and durable, transparent, and ultraviolet and stain resistant. LSR can withstand extreme temperatures, from –55°C to 200 °C, without changing its properties, allowing for autoclave sterilization of instruments that use LSR. It also can be molded to varying wall thicknesses within the same part.

These characteristics coupled with Rogan's unparalleled experience and expertise, and LSR’s durability and flexibility, have led to the growth of LSR as a critical component of medical devices. Its inert chemistry and resistance to heat damage give it a long shelf and use life, and can extend the life of medical devices that incorporate it, benefitting both manufacturers and end users.

The medical device industry is also showing a preference for liquid silicone rubber over alternative materials, such as latex rubber, which produces sensitivity in some end users, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which contains phthalates used as plasticizers.

Liquid silicone rubber is used in a range of medical devices, including seals, plungers, and gaskets in implanted and non-implanted devices, and as part of medical electronic devices. Specific liquid silicone rubber medical injection molding application examples include:

  • Buffering for lung catheters
  • Pigtail catheter sealing components
  • Silicone tubing couplers
  • Sealing caps

LSR’s valuable properties will continue to grow in importance in this market segment. As medical devices shrink in size and become more complex, and as manufacturers produce more products for the home healthcare market, Rogan’s LSR molding experience and capability will become even more valuable to our customers.

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    Top Housing Featuring Liquid Silicone Rubber Vibration Dampener
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    Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Medical Cap
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