Rogan Corp. Invests in 2-color Pad Printer to Meet Growing Demand for Its High-Quality Medical Device Marking Capability

It is critical that printed markings on medical devices be clearly readable and permanent, to guide the medical professionals using the devices. Rogan Corporation has offered pad printing to its customers for over 30 years to meet the requirements of the medical device industry along with a multitude of others. Recently, Rogan has acquired a new automatic 2-color pad printer to upgrade its ability to meet the growing demand for its high-quality device markings.

Printing successfully on the polycarbonate material used in manufacturing many components and devices is challenging. Imperfectly printed markings or running inks can result in illegibility and potential inexact use of the device. Images must be robust enough to resist scratching and tape pull-off, and be resistant to chemicals used for cleaning the device. "Rogan's experience and expertise with marking a myriad of different substrate resins over 30 years, and also understanding the importance of the proper ink consistency which will impact the quality of the markings, all combine to put us in a position to be a value added partner to our customers," states Rogan's Director of Operations, Jim Ritzema.

Rogan has seen their commitment to high-quality pad printing result in business growth for both its customers and itself. Ulthera, Inc., a global medical device company focused on developing and commercializing technologies for aesthetic and medical applications using its therapeutic ultrasound platform technology, worked closely with Rogan to ensure permanent, crisp markings on the company's medical devices.

“Rogan really stood out among the suppliers we looked at in maintaining the necessary adhesion when marking on our ultrasound transducers,” says John Baker, Ulthera's Senior Design Engineer. “They consistently achieved successful results. That, plus Rogan’s willingness to collaborate with us in meeting our needs, has resulted in our moving additional work to them.”

Ulthera's business growth has in turn led Rogan to invest in the new pad printer that is now helping the company meet expanding demand.

The new equipment is a G-Turbo 9OS/2 pad printer manufactured by Diversified Printing Techniques. It is a 2-color automatic pad printer that features a pneumatic shuttle to speed printing, and a programmable automatic pad cleaning function that ensures that successive markings and images are crisp. It also includes exact printing plate registration that enables quick, reliable changeovers.

The new pad printer enables Rogan to meet growing demand from Ulthera and other customers. In addition, sourcing its clichés (printing plates) and inks from local companies also helps the company provide quicker turnaround.



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